Global Marketing Manager of international hearing care network creates a specialised marketing solutions company for the hearing care industry.

Our Director, Simon Hammond served for many years as the Global Marketing Manager for a network of over 200 hearing care locations across Australia and the USA.

In that role, and now with Spinach Effect, Simon and his team have overseen the investment of tens of millions of dollars in retail and wholesale marketing strategies. We know very well what works and what doesn’t in this industry and our clients can enjoy strategies that work.

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Touchscreen Hearing Check

When touchscreen technology became mainstream with the release of personal tablets around 2010 – 2011, Simon saw an opportunity to create a self-assessment hearing test. It would be a new avenue to reach people with hearing services, identify those with hearing loss, and then refer them for further assessment within a hearing clinic.

That led to the release of the first Touchscreen Hearing Kiosk. Since first seen at AudiologyNOW! in 2012, they have generated over 350,000 appointments for hearing care providers around the globe.

Continued investment in product enhancements has ensured it remains world-leading, including:

  • Increasingly simplified user-interface
  • More leads as users register at the start of the test
  • Improved management tools and reports
  • Automated hearing reports that are emailed to users at the conclusion of their hearing check
  • Upgraded data security to ensure the protection of users’ personal information and Client data
  • Features that allow for optimized software configuration in different settings
  • Choices of Event Mode, Retail Mode, and Unmanned External Location Mode for optimized user-experiences within different environments
  • Enhanced customization so Clients’ software are fully-tailored to their brands
  • More portable and attractive stands
  • New country and language versions
  • And much more…

Global Expansion

Localized versions of the Touchscreen Hearing Check are now offered for Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, and Canada. Software development has commenced new countries and regions, including Denmark, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Central America and South America.

Become a Reseller!

If you see an opportunity to drive sales of the Touchscreen Hearing Check in your country, please contact Simon Hammond via Skype, email, phone or use the contact form provided here. (Contact Details provided here).