Quite simply, here is how it works:

  1. The Touchscreen Hearing Check is placed in a strategic location (e.g. hearing clinic, at a screening event, or unmanned).
  2. Users’ first names, last names, emails, and phone numbers are captured before they take a 5-minute pure-tone hearing check.
  3. Results are adjusted for the effects of background noise, so are always accurate
  4. If the user has a significant hearing loss, they’re strongly encouraged to request an appointment – right then and there.
  5. Data is securely sent (i.e. encrypted) to an online Administration Portal, which hearing care providers can easily access via the web.
  6. Users are emailed a “free hearing report”, which includes their results and information on recommendations.
  7. Hearing Care Providers receive an email notification every time a user shows signs of a hearing loss.
  8. If the user has a hearing loss, hearing care providers will contact them immediately to schedule their appointment.

The User Experience

Users are guided through a 4-frequency pure-tone hearing check. It uses special noise correction algorithms to ensure the accuracy of results in a range of environments.

Following their hearing check, users are presented their audiogram and hearing loss description for both ears. If a user’s results indicate a significant hearing loss, you will instantly be notified via email, including the user’s contact details and required follow-up actions (e.g. “user requested an appointment”). Users can request an appointment from the device.

Users will also receive an emailed copy of their results via email, including information on how to interpret their results. If they showed signs of a significant hearing loss, they are again encouraged to request an appointment (Watch a video demonstration below).

> Download a User Experience Poster

Lead generation and data security

Personal data of users (i.e. contact details, test results) is secured with your unique 256-bit encryption key. This protection is maintained for data: stored on the device; during transmission to the secure server; and when stored on the Administration Portal.

The Administration Portal enables you to:

  • Download a database of all users
  • View reports of key performance indicators (i.e., number of screenings, incidence of significant hearing loss, appointment requests)
  • Edit contents of the Hearing Report that is emailed to users
  • And more…

> Download our Data Security Facts Sheet

Watch these video demonstrations!

Please note that videos feature a USA version of the software featuring a “demo brand”. Your software will be completely customized to your organisation and geography, including:

  • Instructional videos in your language and accent
  • Your model of hearing care (i.e. “Will you charge clients for subsequent consultations within your locations or offer them free of charge”)