Introducing the award-winning Touchscreen Hearing Check

Our Hearing Check is the world’s leading self-assessment hearing test, which produces a free hearing report for Users, including an audiogram.

Having been awarded “Best in Show” at AudiologyNOW! in 2011, the solution has seen a multitude of enhancements and continues to work brilliantly for our partners around the world – from international hearing care networks, to E.N.T. practices and small independent hearing care companies.

The solution measures the User’s 4-frequency hearing thresholds (500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, and 4000 Hz)  and, if warranted, strongly encourages them to schedule a clinical assessment and consultation with you. Our patented Noise Correction Algorithms ensures accurate screenings in any noise setting – anything from a quiet waiting room to a bustling Exhibition floor.

The Touchscreen Hearing Check can be purchased as a floor stand, desktop unit, wall-mounted, or “software only”.

What makes our solution the world’s best?

In the years since our launch, a few competitors have entered this space. Here are just a few reasons why we remain the best choice for your hearing care organisation:

 Extremely easy to use: Watch a video demonstration.

 Your branding: Software is customised in your branding, with your messaging, and reflects your model of hearing care.

Upgrades and support: You will have access to regular upgrades and access to rapid-response support, if required.

  Accurate in noise: Patented noise correction algorithms ensure accuracy in a range of environments.

 Data Protection: GDPR (Europe) and HIPAA (USA) compliant.

 No internet. No problem: The solution works in both online and offline modes.

 Portability: Stands are both sturdy and portable.

 Global: Working for thousands of clinics around the globe, including the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand.


Specsavers – More than meets the eye!

Oticon USA use Touchscreen Hearing Check at world’s largest Expo

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