The Touchscreen Hearing Check has been designed for three key uses:

  1. Event Mode: Used by screening staff to conduct hearing checks out in the community (e.g. expos, shopping centers).
  2. Retail Mode: Pre-screen your clients within your locations before utilizing consultants’ time for comprehensive evaluations.
  3. Unmanned External Mode: To generate qualified leads and appointments while unattended in strategic locations (e.g. pharmacies, medical center waiting rooms).

Event Mode

Research confirms that people typically take years to address their hearing loss by scheduling an appointment with a hearing care provider. The Touchscreen Hearing Check takes your services to where these people are today.

When used by screening staff, the benefits our solution include:

  • Accuracy: Results are adjusted for the effects of background noise.
  • Flexible: Screening staff can disable sections of the hearing check that they will cover with the user (e.g. headphone check, test instructions).
  • Productivity: While users are taking their 5-minute hearing check, screening staff can attract more users or be scheduling appointments for previous users with significant hearing losses. One staff member armed with two units can oversee over to 80 screenings in a day!
  • Immediate and Paperless: All processes happen automatically. Users receive their hearing reports via email; data is sent and compiled within the Administration Portal; and your organization’s customer service staff are prompted to take action.

Marketing Support

We’ll help ensure your screening staff have every chance of success! Spinach Effect will develop support materials for you at no cost, including:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Press releases
  • Pull-up banners

Retail Mode

Hearing care providers can benefit from placing the Touchscreen Hearing Check within their locations in several ways:

  • Offer screenings to people to come with an existing client to your locations (e.g. husband/wife/partner, daughter/son, caring friend).
  • Move away from offering free consultations and protect the value of Consultants’ time, while still offering “free hearing checks”.
  • Promote “free hearing checks, no appointment necessary” within advertising to increase response and pre-qualify clients before utilizing Consultants’ time.
  • Encourage walk-ins with retail settings (e.g. your locations within shopping centers).

Unmanned External Mode

Many clients place Touchscreen Hearing Kiosks for extended periods in strategic external locations, including:

  • Visiting clinics (i.e. satellite sites)
  • Pharmacies
  • Automobile clubs
  • Pathology collection centres
  • Seniors centers
  • Medical center waiting rooms

In addition to generating screenings and appointments, Touchscreen Hearing Kiosks promote your brand in the community.