Oticon USA use Touchscreen Hearing Check at world’s largest Expo

Congratulations to Oticon USA on a terrific exhibition at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the world’s largest consumer expo.

To increase visitor engagement and generate appointments for their customers, Oticon offered users a free hearing check, utilizing our Touchscreen Hearing Check. Over 500 users took the self-administered, 4-frequency, pure tone test, which accurately adjusts users’ results for the effects of background noise.

Drive hundreds of qualified clients into your locations, with your own Touchscreen Hearing Kiosks!

Now imagine these units are owned by you, promoting just your clinics, at an expo specifically targeting seniors. How many people would take the test? How many would show significant hearing losses? How many qualified appointments could you book?

Well, we have many clients who could tell you that this is what they do… very successfully. Click here to learn how the Touchscreen Hearing Check can drive hundreds of qualified clients into your locations every year.

It is also a great solution for offering free screening in your waiting rooms and in many other applications.

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