Our Touchscreen Hearing Check is even better!

Objectives of the latest enhancements

We have recently released the latest version of the Touchscreen Hearing Check. The latest software further enhances its use and flexibility for the two primary applications for its use, being:

  1. To generate appointments for your clinic by facilitating free hearing screenings within the community.
  2. To protect the value of clinicians’ time and revenue generated from diagnostic tests within the clinic.

What are the new features?

Firstly, we are now asking users to enter their phone number on the Registration Screen, so that following up users who show signs of a hearing loss is extremely easy.

Secondly, we now enable Community Programs Coordinators (staff who conduct external screenings) to turn off the Welcome Screen and Test Instructions screens.  The information on these screens is usually provided to users by the Community Programs Coordinator (CPC) before the user starts their screening, so this feature speeds up the screening for the user and helps maintain their interest.  Additionally, by turning off the Welcome Screen, the CPC is able to help users enter their information into the Registration Screen, ensuring that contact information is complete, correctly formatted and accurate.