Generate new clients from unattended hearing kiosks

Clients often ask: “How can we increase use of unmanned Touchscreen Hearing Kiosks that have been placed at medical centers, pharmacies, motor vehicle offices, pathology collection centers, allied health care waiting rooms, and seniors’ centers?” It often surprises them when we explain that Touchscreen Hearing Kiosks will rarely generate much usage and appointments if simply […]

Specsavers – More than meets the eye!

Unquestionably the hardest challenge faced by a new business is surviving the cash flow drain as you build a customer base. Incredibly, Specsavers execute a strategy that ensures new business owners within their Partner Program have a steady stream of pre-qualified clients from Day 1. Spinach Effect are very proud that to have provided the solution […]

Oticon USA use Touchscreen Hearing Check at world’s largest Expo

Congratulations to Oticon USA on a terrific exhibition at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the world’s largest consumer expo. To increase visitor engagement and generate appointments for their customers, Oticon offered users a free hearing check, utilizing our Touchscreen Hearing Check. Over 500 users took the self-administered, 4-frequency, pure tone test, which accurately adjusts users’ […]

Our Touchscreen Hearing Check is even better!

Objectives of the latest enhancements We have recently released the latest version of the Touchscreen Hearing Check. The latest software further enhances its use and flexibility for the two primary applications for its use, being: To generate appointments for your clinic by facilitating free hearing screenings within the community. To protect the value of clinicians’ time […]